Do You Need Computer Help?

Business owners can't afford the hassle and loss of productivity associated with bringing a computer to a repair centre - that's why hundreds of business owners and small office home office users turn to Computer Troubleshooters every day to handle their computer service needs.

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Do You Need Network Help?

You might experience network connection issues for a number of reasons. Some common issues that can cause these problems are: A wireless network adapter switch that's not enabled, Cables that aren't connected properly, Corrupted or incompatible drivers, Network connection settings, Hardware or software problems... We Can Help!

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Do you need to install a Server?

When a business or a home office consists of more than one person, questions arise about how to share critical business information and technology resources such as printers. Most small businesses start to link computers together with a network and are unaware that the benefits of a 'server' computer may actually be within their budget.

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Security Camera Systems

For those people that prefer a complete security camera system, we have made it easier for you to find what you need. While you can select each piece of equipment you want individually, we created these complete systems using all of our most popular cameras and recorders.

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One of the greatest challanges for any IT department is the ability to maintain control and visibility into company's security posture. Unfortunately, many organisations do not have a dedicated resource that can develop and manage a network security strategy due to the costs involoved.

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Franchise Opportunities

Extensive Franchise Support

1. Training Support
Training to operate an outlet is considered essential to the franchise success. GFC provides an intensive training program both in its training center and in one of its pilot stores in Kuwait. While training cost is included in the Franchise fee itself, lodging and other expenses have to be covered by the Franchisee. The length of the training will vary from one franchise to the other.

2. Site selection and construction Support
GFC offers help and advice as well in the site selection of the proposed store. Moreover, we will help your Engineer in preparing the floor plan according to the specifications already set by the Franchisor.

3. Equipment Purchasing Support
GFC construction department will recommend to our franchisees a pre-approved list of equipment suppliers and will assist them in acquiring furnishing and signage according to the brand’s standards.

4. Store Opening Support
The launching of a new franchise business requires careful planning by both GFC and the new franchisee. So, we make sure to help you in preparing the marketing program of this special event and we may assist you as well by sending our field consultants to join your team and guide them during the first 2 weeks of operation.

5. On-Going Operational Support
Franchise Organizations are build around a proven franchise operation system. The experience and knowledge of both the franchisor and, later on, the franchisees is gathered in “Blue Prints” manuals that will guide new entrepreneurs in running their operations in an efficient and profitable manner.

6. Marketing & Advertising support
We, at GFC, recognize that the brand is the most valuable asset in the franchising system, and that marketing efforts should aim at maximizing its value. GFC makes sure to develop consistent messages in the different markets it operates in, as franchisees will receive on regular basis instructions, designs and materials for in-shop promotions, yearly, marketing calendars, cross marketing promotions, new product launches, Newspaper & Radio Ads, and other marketing materials according to the special co-operative Advertising program.

7. Technical & IT support
GFC’s technical staff will assist new franchisees before opening and afterwards, whether by being present at the store itself if needed or by being available for assistance by phone or email.

8. Research & Development support
GFC’s Franchisors make sure that each new product, procedure, or process are tested thoroughly at their pilot stores and markets before introduction.

9. On - going Communication support
All franchisees are kept informed of the new products, policies, procedures and events by way of periodic emails, phone calls, newsletters, updates, workshops and seminars, and during field consultants’ training and inspections visits.

Franchise Investment

The Initial Investment in a certain franchise operation will vary from one brand to the other. However, the following factors are known to directly influence the amount of Initial Investment required:

1. The Market size.

3. The Area Rights (Sub-Master or single Franchise rights).

4. The Master Franchisee’s expansion plan.

In most of the cases, the initial investment calculation will include the Initial franchise fee, Leasehold Improvements, Store Equipment, Signage, Licenses and Permits, Legal fees and Insurance, Grand Opening Marketing & Advertising, and Working capital (3-6 months).

In order to send you the estimated initial investment that best suits your enquiry, be kind to fill the necessary application form and send it to us at your earliest.



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