Do You Need Computer Help?

Business owners can't afford the hassle and loss of productivity associated with bringing a computer to a repair centre - that's why hundreds of business owners and small office home office users turn to Computer Troubleshooters every day to handle their computer service needs.

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Do You Need Network Help?

You might experience network connection issues for a number of reasons. Some common issues that can cause these problems are: A wireless network adapter switch that's not enabled, Cables that aren't connected properly, Corrupted or incompatible drivers, Network connection settings, Hardware or software problems... We Can Help!

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Do you need to install a Server?

When a business or a home office consists of more than one person, questions arise about how to share critical business information and technology resources such as printers. Most small businesses start to link computers together with a network and are unaware that the benefits of a 'server' computer may actually be within their budget.

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Security Camera Systems

For those people that prefer a complete security camera system, we have made it easier for you to find what you need. While you can select each piece of equipment you want individually, we created these complete systems using all of our most popular cameras and recorders.

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One of the greatest challanges for any IT department is the ability to maintain control and visibility into company's security posture. Unfortunately, many organisations do not have a dedicated resource that can develop and manage a network security strategy due to the costs involoved.

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BitDefender Enterprise



One of the greatest challenges for any IT department is the ability to maintain controland visibility into the company's security posture. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have a dedicated resource that can develop and manage a network security strategy due to the costs involved. Small and medium businesses (SMB's) are even further limited by strict budget requirements and IT tasks are often fulfilled by someone in a dual role. This lack of business prioritization makes the implementation of an effective security program difficult to achieve within most SMB's. As a company grows, the addition of new employees, systems, and applications to support new business initiatives also increases the number of overall attack vectors used by malware to infiltrate a company's network. To be proactive, IT departments must put controls in place to limit the impact caused by unauthorized use of rogue applications, malicious code and Internet resources - such as Web 2.0 applications – that further expose the organization to attack.


Antivirus deployed on a company's laptops and workstations will provide the foundation of a good security policy, but it is no longer enough to protect your workforce from today's malicious threats. Threats are constantly evolving to circumvent the security solutions put in place and can spread rapidly when not checked by a compensating control. Therefore, BitDefender's antimalware solutions have evolved beyond basic virus detection and prevention to provide a solution that can proactively install protection on unmanaged workstations and servers, remotely identify and remove unauthorized application and configure system settings – helping to minimize the effects of malware propagation throughout the network.


BitDefender's Centralized Management Console allows companies to implement a unified management platform for remote installation, configuration and reporting of all BitDefender Clients, Server and Gateway products deployed throughout the network. BitDefender's Centralized Management includes:
● Network-wide visibility for IT administrators into all malware related incidents
● Proactive audits for hardware and software assets within the network
● Remote configuration and management of client and server system settings
●Malware related incident reports to identify infection rates and trends
● Tools to measure the effectiveness of an organization's antimalware security program

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